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How Can A Tax Lawyer Help You?

Tax lawyers or attorneys don’t only practice tax litigation. Tax lawyers are able to deal with various other tax-related duties in regards to corporations and individuals that include some of the following:

Documenting and structuring business entities

Navigating complicated tax laws and codes

Overseeing tax planning for businesses to minimize the tax burdens in a legal way

Handling a dispute before the IRS

Advising clients about estates, financial planning and taxes

You can also use the services of a tax attorney to relieve stress you may experience by acting on your behalf to deal with a tax agency or the IRS. Tax litigation attorney’s are able to represent clients in federal or state Tax Court or other courts such as the Bankruptcy Court, Court of Federal Claims or the District Court. In addition, you can use a tax lawyer to represent you if you have become the subject of an IRS enforcement proceeding like injunction violations or actions.

Use A Tax Lawyer To Assist You With Tax Relief

Knowing the right time to contact a tax attorney is in some cases difficult as you may be thinking you cannot afford one or that if you ignore the tax situation you are in, it will somehow disappear. However, having a professional that is experienced in this field is able to assist you into making a complex and difficult process into something that is easier to deal with.

tax attorneys dayton ohio that also go by the name of tax controversy lawyers or tax litigation lawyers can assist you with some of the following:

Tax Audits

When a taxing agency starts asking you questions on if you have paid the correct amount for taxes, they may ask for an audit. These audits come in 3 forms:

Office Audit- you will be required to supple receipts along with other documentation associated with specified questions about the return at your local IRS office.

Correspondence Audit- these are less complex audits where it is possible to send your documents through the mail.

Field Audit- will involve an IRS agent that will come to your business or your home

Tax Collection

Businesses and individuals hold the responsibility of paying various federal and state taxes that include sales, payroll, income and excise tax. The tax lawyers can assist you in understanding these responsibilities.

Tax Appeals

When you need help to understand your “appeal rights”, what you can expect from such a process and what you are allowed to appeal, a tax attorney can offer guidance.

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